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As you are aware, I have been dealing with contractors/sub-contractors as a Chief Engineer at an engineering service company for the past 30 years. I must say, All Pro Roofing is one of the most professional organization, if not the most professional organization, I have ever dealt with. Your pricing was most competitive and you came in exactly as quoted. Your employees were hard working, conscientious and extremely competent, always non-intrusive and cleaned up the area around our home daily. Of course it was always nice to see you and your son on a daily basis to make sure all was well. We have a beautiful roof and two days ahead of schedule, my wife is very happy. Lastly, you may use this letter as you see fit and you may provide my name and number to all prospective clients, I will certainly take time to talk with them.
Paul M. McKeon
Santa Ana, CA
The purpose of this correspondence is to express my personal thanks to All Pro Roofing and especially to you, Jim, for the tremendous roofing job done at my residence. I am truly delighted and so very happy with my roof! I love it! I have lived in my home since 1972 and have had some major work done including a previous roof. Your professionalism and dedication was far beyond anyone I have ever encountered in the construction industry. That high level of professionalism was displayed while negotiating and finalizing the contract and it carried throughout the entire process of the roof installation. You set a very high standard of work, customer service and satisfaction. I appreciated it very much and it was a pleasure working with you. You took the time and effort to explain in detail all there was to know about roofing installation to this novice. You covered every detail of the contract and then performed the job exactly as explained. When I called at the 11th hour requesting a large tarp be placed over my patio roof to protect my container garden, you eagerly obliged without hesitation and not a plant was damaged. The completion of the roof was done ahead of schedule and your employees were polite, eager to answer questions and accommodate. Customer satisfaction is one of the hallmarks of days past but your focus on pleasing your customer has brought it back to where it once was. Thank you All Pro Roofing and thank you Jim Miller for your good old fashion customer service and professionalism. I can’t wait to recommend you again and again!
Jayme Paekee
Cypress, CA
Today, I find myself enjoying the final completion of a contract to replace the roof on my residence located at 9431 Oma Place, Garden Grove CA. I used the work “enjoying” intentionally as that is exactly what I have been doing for the past 4 days. Being retired, with plenty of excess time to spare, I have been watching the employees of All Pro Roofing company remove/replace the roof on my home. I have especially enjoyed watching the application of each employee to his particular type of work. The individual attention that each employee gave to his particular job assignment made him to be a specialist in it. To watch all the special equipment owned by the company being put to use by each confident employee was very interesting. And to see such a vast amount of work completed in such a timely manner was fascinating. I found the owner, Mr. Jim Miller, and his assistant (son), Matt Miller, to be very honest. They were always willing to answer any question I had regarding any step of the process of removing/replacing the roof. They operated strictly on schedule and kept the area very clean and they were completing their work. I was very pleased also with all aspects of the business transaction from the beginning to the ending of the project. I was pleased also with the financial aspects of the contract. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone desiring the best quality for this type of effort.
F.D. Kiser
Garden Grove, CA
I needed to have the flat roof on my back addition completely redone, because it was leaking and unbearably warm. I set about doing my homework. It was quite a learning process on the different types of procedures and types of materials for flat roofs. And even with the best materials, the outcome really depended on the experience and reliability of the tradesmen applying the roofing materials, especially on flat roofs. I requested 5 companies provide estimates and explain their promises of no leakage room cooling. I felt the initial contact with the salesperson would give me an idea if I would be able to trust their verbal promises. Although Jim Miller from All Pro Roofing was not the cheapest estimate, I went with his company because I felt he would deliver what he promised – no leakage, the room would be much cooler AND the fact that he watched over all his jobs. He told me it would take probably 2 days and that was true. He did not subcontract the work out, rather he used his own tradesmen, which was a plus. I felt secure in that he would deliver on his promise. I have waited a month in order to write any kind of a testimony because I wanted to see if indeed the room would be cooler in the past warm months. Yes it is. Now I feel the room will also be leak free when the rainy season comes. Jim Miller and All Pro Roofing fulfilled their promise, and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a trust worthy roofing company. His workmen did a fine job in every way! I will be using All Pro Roofing again with another pending project I have on the pitched roof portion of my house!
Margot Pierrong
Anaheim, CA